Note Bird
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Note Bird

Categories: Note Reading

Samson the yellow bird is learning note names, but he needs a bit of assistance. Luckily, he's enlisted you to help him name each note as he places it onto the staff. Note Bird comes with many different options that allow you customize the clefs used, the type of naming system you prefer (including an option for Lines & Spaces for beginners). There's even a countdown that cause the notes to fall from the end of the staff if you take too long! Tonic Tutor keeps track of your game results, including detailed information for each question you answer. Find out how you're doing over time: tell at a glance what you need work on and see how much your skills are improving!

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Clef - Determines what types of clefs will be used (treble, bass, treble & bass, alto, tener)

Naming System - Determines which naming system is used (letters, solfege 1 is do ré mi fa sol la si, solfege 2 is do re mi fa so la ti)

Countdown - add a timer with multiple speeds for an extra challenge

Level 1

Treble: E4 - F5
Bass: G2 - A3
Alto: F3 - G4
Tenor: D3 - E4

Level 2

Treble: C4 - A5
Bass: E2 - C4
Alto: D3 - B4
Tenor: B2 - G4

Level 3

Treble: A3 - C6
Bass: C2 - E4
Alto: B2 - D5
Tenor: G2 - B4

Level 4

Treble: F3 - E6
Bass: A1 - G4
Alto: G2 - F5
Tenor: E2 - D