Music is for everyone!

Have fun while you learn

Our games are designed to be fun and engaging. These aren't boring, repetitive drills – they entertain you while you learn and hone your skills.

A flexible challenge

Each game has levels, starting out with simple challenges and increasing in difficulty. Mastered a level? On to the next one! Some games include a countdown timer for an extra challenge.

Receive Feedback

You get a letter grade after you play each game to let you know how well you did. Getting a score lets you know when you're improving and what you need to work on.

Yes, they're for everyone!

Don't let the fact that they're games fool you. They're useful for everyone, no matter what your age is or whether you're taking music lessons or just want to brush up on your skills at home.

Learning should be fun!

Learning is its own reward, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while you're doing it. Our games will give you a challenge, providing a platform to improve your skills.

Focus on four important music skills

Ear Training

Our diverse group of ear training games focuses on Intervals, Melodies, Scales, Chords and Rhythm over a wide range of levels.
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Note Reading

This group of games focuses on three different approaches: learning to identify Individual Pitches, Intervallic Reading, and reading short Melodies and Chords.
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Music Theory

Our theory games focus on rudiments: Terms and Signs, Pitch Identification, Intervals, Key Signatures, Time Signatures, and more.
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Our rhythm games span both Reading and Listening skills. The reading games focus on Note Values and Time Signatures, while the listening games focus on Hearing Patterns and Rhythm Tap-Backs.
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